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Pick Me Up Blend 30ml

Pick Me Up Blend 30ml

Our Pick Me Up Blend is thoughtfully created to help you navigate the spectrum of life's little challenging emotions that may arise. It offers an exquisite fusion of Australian Bush Flower Essences, carefully chosen and traditionally known to bring joy, calmness to the scattered mind, peace, and playfulness to your life.

Simply place 7 drops of our Self-Esteem blend under your tongue as needed or add 14 drops into a glass of water or water bottle and sip throughout the day.


Ingredients Australian Bush Flower Essences: Billy goat plum, bottlebrush, dagger hakea, five corners, flannel flower, kangaroo paw, red helmet orchid, southern cross, sunshine wattle and tall yellow top in filtered water and brandy (33%).


  • Caution

    If symptoms do not clear, please contact your homeopath or our office for a consultation to create a specific blend for your needs.

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