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Our Signature Program

Your Pathway to Good Health

Unleash Your Healing Journey with The Natural Health Option's Transformative 8 Week 5 Step Program!

Are you trapped in the whirlpool of emotional distress, carrying the weight of unresolved traumas? The Natural Health Option (TNHO) welcomes you to break free and embark on a transformative healing journey.

Why Choose TNHO's 8-Week Program?

At TNHO, created five essential steps to release traumas permanently. These include:

  1. Deep Self-Awareness:

    • Understand yourself internally and externally, gaining fresh perspectives on your reactions, values and perceptions.

  2. Timeline Creation:

    • Structured recording of achievements and challenges, transforming your journey into a non-confrontational exploration.

  3. Gratitude Towards Trauma:

    • Identify unresolved traumas, uncover hidden gifts and receive genuine gratitude for instant trauma release.

  4. Resetting Life Outlook:

    • Nurturing overall well-being, prioritising self-care, and decluttering external and internal aspects for a solid foundation of growth.

  5. Manifesting:

    • Effortlessly shape your reality by releasing fears attached to desires. Learn the art of manifesting  and become the architect of your destiny.

Guided by Van's Expertise:

Van, with over 30 years in spiritual healing and 19 years in health, has designed this program. Her expertise in Homeopathy, GAPS, and Homeobotanical practices, along with completing the Dr. John De Martini's breakthrough course, ensures a transformative journey to the root cause of trauma pains.

Our Commitment to Your Transformation:

TNHO guarantees a significant shift in your perspective by the program's end. Van's support ensures you confidently resolve traumas, empowering you to guide your loved ones on their healing journeys.

Program Highlights:

  • Satisfaction Guarantee:

    • We stand by our promise, offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Flexible Timeline:

    • Concerned about time constraints? Enjoy a generous 6-month period to complete the program at your pace.

Kickstart Your Journey:

Ready to release traumas and reinvent your life? Schedule an exploration call and start your transformative journey with TNHO. Your well-being matters, and we're here to guide you every step of the way!

Helen J

“I was trapped in a life of trauma until I found the Van. Through her compassion and expert guidance, she helped me release a significant trauma that was holding me back. I am now able to look back on that trauma in a positive light and see how that traumatic moment has shaped me. It has been a life-changing experience, allowing me to release emotional burdens and reclaim my well-being. I’ve witnessed remarkable improvements in both my mental and physical health. The journey with Van is a true game-changer, and I’m forever grateful for the transformation it has brought into my life.”
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