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Trauma Release Space Clearing 50ml

Trauma Release Space Clearing 50ml

Elevate Your Life with The Natural Health Option's Trauma Release Space Clearing


Unlock Peace and Healing with Every Spray


Our Trauma Space Clearing Spray is meticulously crafted to ease the burden of heavy energies and surroundings.


Gentle Trauma Release: Experience the gentle release of stagnant outdated trauma energies, creating a nurturing space for personal transformation. Discover a world free from emotional burdens.


Emotional Balance: Find emotional harmony and reduce anxiety with our soothing blend of Ylang Ylang and Sage, while Frankincense and Sandalwood ground your spirit. This isn't just a spray; it's a path to serenity.


Self-Love and Strength: Embrace self-love, inner strength, and resilience with Australian Bush Flower Essences. Infused with Vatican Holy Water and Theta Healing energy, our spray doesn't just clear your space; it uplifts your spirit.


Key Ingredients 


Pure Essential Oils (PEO):

  • Ylang Ylang: Encourages emotional balance and relaxation.
  • Sage: Clears negative energies and enhances mental clarity.
  • Frankincense: Elevates your spiritual connection and reduces stress.
  • Sandalwood: Invokes inner peace and mental clarity.


Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE):

  • Dog Rose: Nurtures self-love and supports emotional healing.
  • Grey Spider Flower: Cultivates courage and inner strength.
  • Isopogon: Enhances adaptability and resilience.
  • Boronia: Promotes mindfulness and presence.
  • Sunshine Wattle: Uplifts your spirit and brings joy.


Vatican Holy Water: Infused with divine blessings, purifying and sanctifying your space.


Theta Healing Energy: Our unique infusion of Theta Healing energy intensifies the clearing process, providing a profound sense of emotional release.


Vodka and Springwater Base: Expertly selected to preserve the purity of essential oils and ABFEs, ensuring a long-lasting and effective energy-clearing experience.


Environmentally Conscious: Our eco-friendly packaging reflects our commitment to sustainability, aligning with your values.


Transform your space, release your burdens, and embrace the power of healing and growth.

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