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Clear Thinking Flower Essence Blend 30ml

Clear Thinking Flower Essence Blend 30ml

Enhance Concentration and Focus with Our Clear Thinking  Blend


In the pursuit of academic excellence or professional success, a clear and focused mind is your greatest asset. Our Study & Work Blend is thoughtfully crafted to assist concentration, enhance focus, and bring calm to your mental arena, whether it's for study sessions, work projects, or moments of intense pressure like exams and presentations.


Known Benefits:

Enhanced Concentration: Experience heightened concentration and mental clarity, allowing you to delve deep into your tasks with precision.

Calm the Mind: Discover inner tranquillity that calms the racing thoughts, reducing anxiety and nervousness.

Aid Recall: Facilitate improved memory recall, ensuring the information you need is readily available when you need it most.




Our Study & Work Blend features a unique composition of Australian Bush Flower Essences, each chosen for its ability to support mental acuity and concentration:


  • Bush Fuchsia: Enhances concentration and mental focus.
  • Isopogon: Promotes mental clarity and precision.
  • Jacaranda: Increases attention span and organisation.
  • Paw Paw: Aids in mental recall and processing.
  • Sundew: Facilitates calmness and eases nervousness.
  • Filtered Water: Serves as the pure carrier of the flower essences.
  • Brandy (33%): Acts as a preservative for the blend.




Prior to study sessions, work projects, exams, or presentations, take a moment to nourish your mental clarity. Place 7 drops of our Study & Work Blend under your tongue or add them to a glass of water. Let the blend work its magic, enhancing your concentration and calming your mind.


Empower yourself with the natural wisdom of Australian Bush Flower Essences. Let our blend be your companion on your journey to academic and professional excellence.


Elevate your mental prowess and succeed with clarity and focus.


Experience the transformative power of Australian Bush Flower Essences today.

  • Note

    If symptoms do not clear, please contact your homeopath or our office for a consultation to create a specific blend for your needs.

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