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Self Esteem Blend 30ml

Self Esteem Blend 30ml

Our Self-Esteem blend offers a carefully created combination of Australian Bush Flower Essences, each selected for their known benefits to empower and uplift your self-esteem and dispel self-doubt. Unlock the confidence within you and embrace your true potential with this unique blend.


Simply place 7 drops of our Self-Esteem blend under your tongue as needed or add 14 drops into a glass of water or water bottle and sip throughout the day.


Ingredients Australian Bush Flower Essences: Billy goat plum, five corners, flannel flower, little flannel flower, pink flannel flower, philothea and wisteria.  Filtered water and brandy (33%) base.



  • Note

    If symptoms do not clear, please contact your homeopath or our office for a consultation to create a specific blend for your needs.

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