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Jitter Balm

Jitter Balm

Introducing our Mild Jitter Balm – Your Natural Solution for Restful Nights and Calm Limbs!


Are restless legs and the urge to move your arms keeping you awake at night?


The Natural Health Option has the answer you've been seeking. Our Mild Jitter Balm is uniquely crafted to help you ease sensations of restlessness and that "dancing" feeling in your limbs before bed.


Key Benefits:


  • Lavender: Lavender is your ticket to tranquility. It's known for its calming and soothing properties, perfect for helping you relax and prepare for a peaceful night's sleep.


Homeopathic Remedies:

Our Mild Jitter Balm is infused with a blend of homeopathic remedies that have traditionally been used to calm limbs before bedtime. These remedies include:


  • Rhus Tox (Rhus Toxicodendron): Known to relieve restlessness and discomfort in the legs and arms, making it easier to find tranquility.

  • Arsenicum Album (Ars): Effective in reducing sensations of burning and restlessness, allowing you to unwind.

  • Tarantula (Tarantula Hispana): A remedy for restlessness and fidgetiness in the limbs, helping you achieve the stillness needed for a peaceful sleep.

  • Zincum Metallicum (Zinc): Supports the relief of nervousness and restlessness in the legs, promoting a sense of calm.


Natural Base:


Our mild Jitter Balm is thoughtfully crafted in organic coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax base. These natural ingredients not only enhance the balm's effectiveness but also nourish your skin, leaving it soft and supple.


Usage Tips:

  • For external use only.
  • Always perform a patch test on a small area of your skin before using the Jitter Balm. If you experience any irritation, discontinue use.


Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to the tranquillity you deserve. The Natural Health Option's Mild Jitter Balm is your trusted companion in achieving a sense of calm and relaxation, helping you drift off to sleep with ease.

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